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Previous Events...

NBC News 13 Saratoga Springs - Solomon Northup Day 2014 - Justin Gilliam Interview

CSPAN - Lincoln Cottage - Black History Month, "Twelve Years a Slave" with 
Descendants, Clayton Adams, Vera Williams and Justin Gilliam

Fox News - "12 Years a Slave" - Beyond the Dream" Interview with Laura Linzy, 
Vera Williams, Justin Gilliam & Azalea Gilliam

NPR- Richmond, Va., Wrangling Over Future Of Historic Slave Trade Site with Linsey Williams and Justin Gilliam

Shockoe Bottom Revitalization RVA Proposal -  Justin Gilliam Interview
WCNY Radio - Interview with Clayton Adams Pre - Oscar Award

BBC Radio - "Up All Night"  Interview with Vera Williams

Washington Post - "Brig Orleans Manifest" Viewing at the National Archives with Descendants