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Shockoe Bottom/ National Trusts Saving Places...

Shockoe Bottom was the center of Richmond’s slave trade, which played a pivotal role during the peak years of the nation’s interstate slave trade. In fact, Solomon Northup, author of 12 Years a Slave, was held here in 1841 at the notorious Goodwin’s slave jail before he was transported in chains to New Orleans. Much of Shockoe Bottom has since been razed and paved over, nearly forgotten by mainstream historians. Nevertheless, for many descendants of the enslaved, Shockoe Bottom remains sacred ground associated with suffering, injustice, and resistance to slavery. Today, Shockoe Bottom is an urban archaeological site imminently threatened by “Revitalize RVA,” the controversial plan to construct a minor league baseball stadium, a Hyatt hotel, a Kroger grocery store, and residential and commercial office space at the site. The ill-considered stadium project, which is heavily promoted by the mayor of Richmond, members of the City Council, and influential real estate developers, threatens to destroy the remarkable archaeological remains which survive below the asphalt. www.savingplaces.org/treasures/shockoe-bottom#.U6qzUo3D_cs.

Descendants of Solomon Northup oppose development of 
Baseball Stadium

April 3, 2014 in Richmond, VA Descendant, Linsey Williams hosts Liberation Day; also in attendance was descendant Justin Gilliam and daughter Azalea. At the event Linsey read Solomon Northup's experience at the Goodwin slave jail, the site for the proposed minor league baseball stadium, from the book, "Twelve Years a Slave".
​ For more information; http://shockoebottom.blogspot.com/2014/03/solomon-northup-descendant-linsey.html

Shockoe Bottom: Sacred Space or Economic Opportunity Video - by Dawn Smith

                             Trailer Now On YouTube 

This video tells the story of the struggle of the Richmond, VA community to stop a baseball stadium from being built

on top of the burial siete of our African Ancestors.  Shockoe Bottom was  the location of the 

largest slave trade operation in the U.S. in the 1800's.   The video features interviews with key

players in the struggle: Marty Jewell, former city councilman, Phil Wilyato and Anna Edwards,

creators of the Sacred Ground Reclamation Project, Monica Esperanza, head of the African Ancestral

Chamber and others.  

Video is now available for $20.00.  Running time is 44 minutes.  
Checks and money orders can be sent to Dawn Smith, P.O. Box 25095, Richmond, VA  23260.  necessaryt@yahoo.com

Saving Shockoe Bottom - http://www.sacredgroundproject.net/

Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality hold Press Conference

On Thursday, Dec. 10, designated by the United Nations as Human Rights Day, people

with special ties to Richmond history held a press conference in Richmond at the site

of Lumpkin's Jail to press the case for a nine-acre Shockoe Bottom Memorial Park.


Ana Edwards – Chair, Sacred Ground Historical Reclamation Project, her ancestors include two women sold from Richmond in the 1840s.
Elizabeth Cann Kambourian – Richmond Historia,  rediscovered the existence of the African Burial Ground and has identified nearly 100 sites related to the Shockoe Bottom slave trade.  
John Mitchell – Grandson of John Mitchell Jr., the “Fighting Editor” of the Richmond Planet newspaper. Vera J. Williams – Descendant of Solomon Northup, author of “Twelve Years a Slave”; Founder and President, Solomon Northup Foundation.