We are a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

​​​​​Founded  & Operated by Descendants of

Solomon Northup - author of

Twelve Years a Slave,​​

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​​​After Twelve Years a Slave  

Our Mission 

Through Education, Preserve Solomon Northup's Legacy - Freedom From Slavery 

- Raise Awareness of Universal Declaration of Human Rights and End Human Trafficking

​- Discover the Fate of Solomon Northup & as requested; Lay Him to Rest with his Father,

 Mintus Northup   

We Provide...

-  The Back Story on Solomon Northup's experience of a

free man kidnapped during the 1840's & passed down through our family, research 
and Solomon Northup's own story as told in his book Twelve Years a Slave.

-  History of African Americans, who were enslaved in 

New Orleans, Lousiania & Shockoe Bottom, Virginia,

through the voices of advocates preserving our history.

We Provide...

-  A voice to Raise Awareness on Human Rights,

Modern Day Human Trafficking & the US Slave Trade.  

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​​The Solomon Northup Foundation was established by descendants of  Solomon Northup. 

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