​​​​​Founded  & Operated by Descendants of

Solomon Northup - author of

Twelve Years a Slave,​​

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Solomon Northup Foundation Mission 

Providing historical educational information of American history on the contributions of African Americans during Slavery era, through speaking engagements, attending, hosting events and conferences  

Walk In Solomon's Footsteps in Washington, DC Join Descendants of Solomon Northup on a bus tour visiting the sites Solomon Northup visited during his stay prior to being kidnapped and sold into slavery and on his return trip from Louisiana as a freed man after, Twelve Years a Slave.

We are a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Solomon Northup Foundation, created and operated by decendants of Solomon Northup, Keeping the Flame Burning on our ancestor. Solomon Northup, a free Black man living the American Dream in the 1800's was kidnapped and sold into slavery.  Upon being rescused from slavery, Solomon documents his experience in a book, Twelve Years a Slave. which becomes the Oscar award winning movie of the year in 2014, by Fox Searchlight, 12 Years a Slave,

Northup Freedom Day  

KALB Local TV Station Coverage

Solomon Northup Foundation / Descendants Attend

Northup Freedom Day, January 4, 2018 Markesville Louisiana Commemorating the 165th anniversary of his freedom  

Activites included: Northup Trail, Tour Epps House, LSUA Alexandria, Live Oak Plantation, Unveiling of Historical Marker, Northup Art Exhibit at Arts Council Office and Reception at Judge Cushman's Office site, Now Bailey's on the Square

 Twelve Years a Slave

Descendants of Solomon Northup, "Keep the Flame Burning" on the historical amazing story of their Ancestor,  Solomon Northup 

Twelve Years a Slave book with the foreward written by and autographed by descendants of Solomon Norhtup is available from the Solomon Northup Foundation, give us a call at 301.852.9033 to get your copy.