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​​​​​Founded  & Operated by Descendants of

Solomon Northup - author of

Twelve Years a Slave,​​

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Vera Jackson - Williams is the Great, Great, Great Granddaughter of Solomon Northup and Founder / President of the Solomon Northup Foundation.  Her primary vision for the foundation is to raise awareness of the experience of Solomon Northup and other free African Americans throughout history who were kidnapped, sold into slavery and whose labor along with other African American slaves was fundamental to the development of the economic infrastructure of this great country.  Unfortunately, their stories have been omitted from our history books resulting in generations of African Americans being viewed as “just slaves” vs. the vital assets they were and are today.   Vera has been interviewed by TV, radio, newspapers and provided presentations on her ancestor Solomon Northup.

She has worked in the Information Technology (IT) industry for over 30 years in both government and corporate industries.  


Justin Dixon Northup Gilliam is an IT Professional and Business Consultant in the Washington DC area for the past decade.  He is the father of daughter, Azalea and alum of the historic Howard University.  Justin is the CEO of the Solomon Northup Foundation and has worked closely with the Founder and President of the Solomon Northup Foundation to develop the business infrastructure of the foundation.  One of the main mission points of the foundation is to “Keep the Solomon Northup Flame Burning” through education, awareness and research. 

Justin has been the voice of Solomon Northup Foundation, along with other descendants supporting the effort to preserve Shockoe Bottom historical site in Richmond, VA.  Justin has been interviewed by TV and newspaper reporters, provided presentations on his ancestor and continues outreach and education efforts through the Solomon Northup Foundation.  Justin is the Great, Great, Great, Great Grandson of Solomon Northup.

Clayton Adams is married, a devoted father, and a published author and poet who has worked within the banking and real estate title industries for the last sixteen years.  He is also working with the Pittsburgh Public School's Social Studies Department to ensure the text books used for the African American Studies classes mention Solomon Northup.  With the increase in the interest of Solomon Northup, Clayton has become a lecturer and educator on Solomon Northup.  Clayton has created a mini booklet of poetry that was inspired by different scenes within Solomon's book "Twelve Years A Slave." This mini booklet of poetry also includes Clayton's very first public speech about Solomon Northup; written in July of 1999.  Because of his background and dedication to his ancestor’s legacy, Clayton is an asset to the Solomon Northup Foundation as a historian and researcher. He is working to help us achieve our primary mission of “Keeping the Solomon Northup Flame Burning.” Clayton is the Great, Great, Great Grandson of Solomon Northup.

Linsey R. Williams is a nationally certified school psychologist, currently working in Washington, DC. She has been very vocal in her support of the preservation of the Shockoe Bottom area in Richmond, Virginia. Linsey has been interviewed by television news reporters, radio hosts, and film producers for a documentary in opposition to the recent proposal to build a baseball stadium in Shockoe Bottom, a historic area for slave trade, mentioned in Solomon Northup’s account of his kidnapping.  As an educator, Linsey is committed to the foundation’s mission to encourage education and awareness of Solomon’s story and the untold stories of the millions of living descendants of the men, women, and children whose lives were forfeited on auction blocks. Linsey is the Social Media Director for the Solomon Northup Foundation. She is the great great great great granddaughter of Solomon Northup.

Eileen E. Jackson  is a registered nurse specializing in pediatrics. She has worked as a healthcare professional for over 35 years. Eileen has traveled to Louisiana to trace Solomon’s footsteps. She has toured the “Solomon Northup Trail” visiting various locations and plantations in Avoyelles Parish where Solomon was enslaved.  Eileen has also met descendants of people who established important roles in Solomon’s life. She has spoken on radio broadcasts, given presentations, attended book signings, and traveled to Saratoga Springs to continue to "Keep the Flame Burning". Eileen is our Regional Director and represents the Solomon Northup Foundation in the Southern and Western regions of the US.